Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stick Fence

Our yard has quite a slope to it with one flat spot in the middle. The flat spot is created by the leach field (eww) then it slopes down some more. Since I don't feel like mowing the grass on a slope, and since the grass doesn't want to grow on the slope, I've been trying to grow some wildflowers and other plants (weeds) that will spread out and inhabit the sloping land. The problem is that our two crazy dogs like to run around and chase each other through the whole yard, sloping gardened area included.  My plants were suffering, even more so than they would have been with just me as a caretaker. 

So this weekend Charlie and I cut down some saplings and built a nearly free fence. I originally wanted to weave the sticks together but that would have taken way too long so I screwed them together. I don't recommend screwing saplings together. It wasn't the exact vision I had but it'll do.

 Look! Some of the wildflowers are even growing! These are from a little paper heart that Charlie's cousin gave as wedding favors. (I may have taken all of the hearts at our table).

 The only problem with the fence is that Blaze thinks it is his own personal stick emporium and tries to take sticks off of the fence. Since it is built by me it is not very sturdy and he has succeeded several times at getting sticks free and then playing with them.

 We'll see how long it lasts. There is another area in the yard that needs some dog protection so I can plant some flowers and herbs. I might have to think of another solution. Ideas are welcome.


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