Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fabric Nests?

When we were in the process of moving I tried to thin down my fabric collection. I have a lot of fabric, and weirdly have a very hard time saying goodbye to even little bits. I get emotionally attached to fabric, which seems very strange to say, especially for most of my readers who do no sew. I knew I had to get rid of the tiny little bits since I could never sew anything with them. Then I remembered how my parents used to spread dog hair over the lawn for birds to use in their nests. I always liked finding my dogs hair in a bird nest. I've seen this idea done with yarn, so I figured I could try with little fabric scraps. 

 I cut them down a little bit more, into very thin strips. I'm not sure how strong birds are around here, so I tried to make small pieces that tiny birds could lift.

I hung little clumps of fabric in the trees and bushes near the woods. Hopefully the birds around here will take some and make a warm little nest for their chicks this spring. 

If not at least I'll have some pretty scraps of fabric to look at in the fall when I rake the million and a half leaves in the yard.


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