Friday, May 10, 2013

::Right Now::

Right now, I am...
:: watching the leaves grow on the trees in our yard. 
:: loving that Spring is here, and here to stay. 
:: wanting two cute twin sized bed skirts. I'm hoping to find some relatively cheap ones this weekend. 
:: looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. 
:: heading outside for a run/walk/hike. Now that we live on such a big hill my runs have turned into hikes. I love it though. 
:: patting my pup. She's been doing better. Slowly but surely. 
:: enjoying the peace and quite that comes with not living down town in the middle of a construction zone. 
:: appreciating all of my co-workers. It is teacher appreciation week after all. They all work so hard and are some of the nicest people I know. 
:: surprising myself, and Charlie, by finding scraps of fabric in a nest in the yard. I'm so excited, it's a bit ridiculous how happy I am about it. 
:: feeling full of cupcakes and fruit salad.
:: working on my ability to be patient, as well as remembering to water plants. 
:: hoping that someone this weekend will show me how to turn the outside spigot on. I know you turn them off every Winter, but that was always a job my Dad did while I did something else. 

I'm also hoping you have a lovely weekend. Be sure to wish your Mom a Happy Mother's Day. And if you are a Mom, thanks for all you do!


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