Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've been thinking about the things I like and do not like lately. This has made me notice a few trends.

The key ingredient I lack in terms of all of the things I don't like doing is.....
I'm having too much fun with
I'm pretty sure Charlie figured this out long ago, but it took me a good 27 years. I'm going to admit it now though; I just don't like waiting for things. My hobbies are fairly instantly gratifying. That's not to say that my hobbies don't take a lot of time to do. I have no issues spending 2 hours doing something slowly and thoughtfully to get it right (sewing, painting) or spending two hours doing something lots of other people would think is boring. But during those two hours I am doing something. I hate sitting around doing nothing waiting for something else to happen. Maybe it's related to my Type A-ness in that I'd rather do it myself than twiddle my thumbs waiting. Anyways, I've been trying to conquer this issue and have decided to plant some things for our house. 

I know we won't have enough time for a full garden so I am attempting some flowers for the yard, a few herbs, and tomatoes to grow in containers. Since we've all established that I am Type A, and also not good at identifying plants, I've labeled most of the containers, but also put them in alphabetical order just in case. 

I saved a few weeks of spinach containers because it seemed silly to buy a tray for staring seeds for $10 when I could just use something I already have at home. I stabbed poked holes in the bottom with a knife to add drainage. 

The pete pellets were 19 cents at the hardware store. I've seen my Mom and Rich use them before. Once I got home I realized I never knew how they started them, so I watched part of this youtube video. I couldn't watch the whole thing; that would have taken too much patience. 
It was very frustrating to me to pay attention to the seed spacing guidelines, so I kind of didn't. Many of the seeds are placed too closely together, but I couldn't stand the idea of some not growing and waisting precious dirt. Seems ridiculous now. 

Now I have to remember to water them and wait. I guess I can do some other projects in the mean time, like buying a watering can, since all we have that holds water are these two wedding presents. 

Not exactly what I want to use for watering plants.


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