Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outside Tour

I realized I never showed any of you trusty reader the outside structures that came along with our house. They are not move-in-ready, but we (I) have grand plans for them. Let's begin the tour. First up is our lovely shed. It needs some paint. We have to paint the house so I figure while I am hating life I might as well paint the shed too. Then I can add a cute window box with flowers, probably of the faux variety. 

The door will also get a re-vamp. Wouldn't this make the most fun little play house ever? If only I was still a kid.

 The inside features peg walls, lots of shingles, hay, and a scent of rat droppings.

It's not really that bad for a shed. I think we will keep our lawn mower in there. Once we actually buy a lawn mower. The grass is growing very slow here so we have not had to rush out and buy one.

Next up on the tour is our chicken coop. We have no chickens because our little friend Penny would surely eat them all. What is there to do with a chicken coop and no chickens? Hum. We shall see.

The inside looks (and smells) like a chicken coop. I'd love to have chickens. We did when I was a kid and I learned early on that there is nothing like a fresh egg. My Mom spoiled us with French Toast made with homemade bread and fresh eggs, nothing has ever tasted so good since then! But alas, once we went on vacation and came home to our neighbor cleaning up chicken remnants from our yard because a predator had killed all of our chickens. After that we just started buying store eggs again. All of the chickens were named Fred, even though chickens are girls. What were we thinking? 

If we did want chickens the coop is pretty much all set up. It even has electricity for a heat lamp for the winter. And it has water cans.

Aside from the fear that Penny would kill them all, the fencing around and above the coop makes me think the people before us had had some chickens stollen by the hawk that flies around here. I'm thinking about making the coop into a potting shed. It would be nice to put a garden up in this area, since it gets a lot more sun than other parts of the yard. And I have been gardening for approximately 1.5 weeks now so I should most definitely have a potting shed. 

Those are the two outside structures on our property. Hope you've enjoyed the tour. Maybe I'll show you our trail next. 


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