Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sewing Room Tour: Lauren Land

The sewing room is far from done, but it's getting closer so I wanted to show you the progress. Here are three pictures of the same corner from the day we bought the house, to moving everything in, to now. 

 The painting took a few days. I painted the boards three times, twice with BIN and once with the regular paint I bought. The walls got three coats as well, just because the blue was so bright compared to the white. Charlie helped me and we are both not very liberal with the paint so it took a few coats.

I went with white because I figured the room would have a lot of colorful things in it so white it was. When I finished painting and there was nothing in the room it felt pretty sterile and I thought I made a wrong call. Once we added the art and put things back in the room I liked it again.

The elephant artwork is from an artist I like, Mati Rose. Her shop is so cool. I have to tell myself not to buy something every time I look at it. Otherwise we'd be living in an art-filled cardboard box.

 At some point I want to get a built in desk that curves around this little corner so I can fit multiple sewing machines on the desk. That would be pure bliss in my eyes.

This area is a bit up in the air as well. We got a new dining room table so I moved this one downstairs. I think it can be a cutting table for cutting out patterns. I do love my purse collection hung on the wall.

My step-moms sister gave us this book shelf. I started painting it then realized I was sick of painting so I stopped. Looks great huh? I will get back to it at some point, I was just over painting that day. I tried to convince Charlie that it looked fine the way it was and the fabric stacks hid the paint. He did not buy it. It's shabby chic? Nawt!

That window needs serious help. I tried to paint the trim that was around it, but then it all fell off the wall, so janky window it is, for now. I also tried to nail something into this wall and it felt like I was banging on jello...not sure what that means. Hense the paintings sitting on the trim boards, not on the wall.

Here is my new sewing room artwork. I love it! Aside from the window the floor needs some serious help as well. It's a gross old laminate that is pealing up. Since I knew we'd replace it at some point I didn't even put down a drop cloth and spilled paint all over it.

My stuffed animals are very happy to not be stuffed in the closet anymore, and my fabric is happy to not be stuffed in a drawer. Although a great deal of my collection did not fit on the shelf and is in the closet.

I have one big empty space left on the wall that I have a grand idea for, hopefully it works out. Now on to some sewing projects!


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  1. so jealous of your sewing room!! (and your new dog!) someday!


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