Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Around Here

I realized there are not any recent pictures of our home here. I've been posting some on Instagram, but not everyone follows me there. Hi Dad! So here are some shots of our home.

Blaze devours books if we leave them on the shelf, rendering this book shelf mostly useless, except for holding plants.

We decided to get a landline phone since no one could reach us via cell phone due to poor reception. With the landline basic cable was only $4 a month, and with the Olympics fast approaching we figured it would be a good time to get cable. And therefore a new (slightly bigger) TV. I have also been slowly adding to the art wall behind the TV.

This area is pretty much the same, but who can resist those cute faces?

I think this post could also be titled, "Look Lauren Can Keep Plants Alive!" I have killed very few plants, and as of a most recent count have 24 house plants. I am quickly running out of places to put plants but that does not seem to stop me from buying them. Next on my list of plants I'd like, is an air plant (or 9). Along with buying plants I also really like buying mismatched plates and bowls to hold the plants. 

I'm still so happy we painted the kitchen. 

Look! More plants. I'm still trying to figure out what type of artwork to put on the walls here. I'd also like a small cabinet to put the phone and modems on/in so they aren't out.

This weekend my Dad and Step Mom came and installed a light outside the bedroom window so I can flip a switch from bed at night and watch the snow.

Plants and dogs, this is my life.

We are slowly starting to figure out the rest of the house and will be doing something with this room soon. Honestly, I can't believe the red stripe hasn't been painted over yet. We'll get there.

Lastly, around here there is quite a bit of snow, but I am not complaining.


Monday, January 20, 2014

MBMW Continued

This post is late, but better late than never right? I had fun challenging myself to wear made by me clothes the first week back from vacation so I did it again last week.


Skirt: Simplicity 2226, that I made in 2012, and still love. I do wear this skirt quite a bit.
Shirt: Kohl's Lauren Conrad
Boots: Bass, fixed!


Shirt: Ruby Top, blogged here. 
Belt + Pants: J Crew. The pants are more mustard and less yellow. Sorry for the blur, and the fact that my head is cut off. 


Skirt: Self made patten from 2010. As with the other skirt in this post, I wear this one a lot too.
Cardigan: Old Navy, Christmas present from my dad.
Boot: Bass, I wear them a lot.


Shirt: This is a terrible picture, but I did make the shirt. I think I made it before I even started blogging, so 2009. Yikes.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Pants: I wore gray pants, but this picture shows me in my more frequent attire; long johns under sweatpants, which I wear to walk the dogs.

On Friday I wore jeans and an "ugly sweater" for ugly sweater day at school. I still have 7 items of clothing that I could wear that would fit MBMW qualifications, and the school dress code. I am just getting sick of photographing myself. It has been fun to use old clothes and come up with new outfits.


Friday, January 10, 2014

MBMW- Peplum Top

Happy Friday!

I sewed this shirt just after I finished the Staple Dress, and vowed to ignore the sizing chart (which told me I should be a large) and cut out the pattern pieces for a small. I also ended up taking the seams in at the front, sides and back too so it would fit better. There was enough fabric for me to make the shirt with 3/4 length sleeves instead of the short sleeves that the shirt was depicted in on the pattern. I've been eying Peplum tops for a while so when I stumbled upon this pattern I bought ages ago and had the right amount of stretch fabric in the midst of a snowstorm I was quite pleased. My only complaint is the hem on the bottom; it's not quite right despite my best efforts. I keep thinking it will work it's way flat over time. Next time I may also make the flair part a bit higher to be more at the smallest part of my waist, not the part that gets a little bit bigger. The shirt does a good job of hiding the post holiday muffin top.  The pattern came together very quickly; it only took me two episodes of the crappy teen drama I've been watching while sewing. Part of me wonders if I could make this pattern with cotton and have a zipper down the back....things to ponder.

Shirt:    McCall's M6754     Fabric: Jersey from Marden's.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: Bridal Shower Present
Jeans: JCrew
Shoes: Danskos.

Thought you'd like one last jazzy picture to kick off your weekend.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

MBMW- Tova Jumper

I'm getting sick of taking my own picture, so I coped out a bit here. Selfie! Notice the dogs fighting on the bed behind me. I've also blogged about this jumper before. I do wear this outfit quite a bit in the winter. 

Dress: Tova Jumper. I am actually making another one at the moment.
Shirt: Reny's.
Belt: It's actually a piece of ribbon.
Tights: Bass Outlet Fleece lined...so warm. I want to buy more!
Boots: Bass Outlet!!! I fixed them! And no one could tell. My main goal was to not have people say "who chewed your boots?!"

Tomorrow is a new outfit, never blogged before. I am excited for it.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MBMW- Tova

It was really cold today so I did not wear the outfit I had planned on wearing, but wanted to stick to my Made By Me Week challenge. This shirt actually gets worn quite a bit. It's comfortable, and I like the way it turned out. (For those who asked, the purse behind me is from One Yard Wonders, and super easy to make.)

Oops. Cut my head off.

Shirt: Tova Top
Pants: Blue Corduroys (+ long john's, it's freezing!)
Shoes: Haflinger (best shoes ever...if you don't mind looking like you're 87 years old.)
Scarf: Infinity Scarf. 
Cheese fest. 
 Off to (attempt to0 fix my boots.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Made By Me Week- Staple Dress

We have had lots of snow and crappy weather so I have been sewing up a storm. I have noticed however that sometimes I make clothing items for myself, wear them once, then never wear them again. To battle that, I've decided to do a Made By Me Week (MBMW). I got up and found out there was a 2 hour delay due to rain on Monday. Oh well, more time to casually eat breakfast, get ready and play with the dogs I thought. I even straightened my hair! Then as I was outside playing with the dogs and commenting about how slippery it was, school was called off for the day. This is our 3rd snow day in a row! I felt lucky, but also a bit stir crazy. Good thing I stocked up on fabric before this terrible weather struck. All dressed up with no where to go. So MBMW is starting a day late. But since I was all ready anyways, here are the pictures of my new outfit that I wore Monday morning  before I quickly  changed into sweatpants, and then wore again today. Unfortunately today it was about 35 degrees colder.

Dress: The Staple Dress by April Rhodes; Fabric: Marden's.
Cardigan: Target
Boots and Fleece Lined Tights: Bass. Although technically, I wore the boots yesterday, took them off and Blaze chewed one, so I wore different shoes today. Boot fixing tutorial coming soon.
Belt: J. Crew

As with all patterns that I follow my measurements lead me to cut out a size medium which looked like a large potato sack on me, so I took out the seams and cut it down to an extra small for the top and a small from the waist down. I also took about an inch off of the "sleeves".

Now it actually fits. Charlie pokes fun of me because everything sew turns out too big so I just add a belt. Which is very true.

Off to plan for tomorrows MBM outfit.

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