Monday, January 21, 2013

Tova! Tova! Tova!

Animal House reference anyone? After much wanting and research I finally bought the Tova pattern from Wiksten. You should too. I'm only a year or so late to the party. Seems as though everyone has one. And now I know why, they are so easy to make, and comfortable to wear. 

Ready to wear out for a Birthday Dinner. 
The best part about waiting a while to make a pattern everyone is talking about is that you can read their reviews and learn from their mistakes without actually making the mistakes yourself. The only real change I made was to line the placket. That's the part that opens up. Some people said that when the colar is open the wrong side of the fabric shows. It was an easy fix to just cut out four of that pattern piece instead of two and to sew them together so that you can't see the wrong side of the fabric. 

The fabric is swiss dot that my Mom bought for me back when I didn't have a job, so approximately three years ago. I am glad I waited though, as I love this top.

Now, off to ponder other Tova's to sew. If you're wondering my necklace is from Sweetheart Jewelry Box on Etsy. I love it and wear it almost everyday. I'd wear this shirt everyday too if not for fear of being judged and smelly. 


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