Friday, January 18, 2013

27 Years

Hurray! Today is my birthday. Lots of people I know don't like their birthdays. I have no idea why. Someone once told me that when you turn a new age you get to be every age you've ever been plus the age you are now. How exciting.

I must admit after re-reading my 26 goals for 26 years I realized how many of them fell by the wayside during the year. I also realized how many of them were totally subjective. As someone who writes measurable goals for a living I sure did a shoddy job or writing goals for myself. It also seems daunting to think of 27 new things to focus on this year. If 26 taught me anything it's to be happy with what you've got and where you are, and to just slow down and enjoy it. Did I sound too much like Ferris Bueller there?  (Bueller?...Bueller?.... Frye?)

Anyways, since 27 goals is way too much to think about and to focus on I've decided just to do a few. I wouldn't even call them "goals", more like focus points. I've also decided to focus on ideas and people and not items or things.
  • Be active everyday. As I've said before its easier now with a dog. I'd like to do a few races this spring/summer/fall so I want to keep running to stay/get in shape for those upcoming races. My first will be the Muddy Moose in April, a 14 mile trial race. Right up my alley. I also feel like I need to realize that with the exception of having the flu or some other virus/disease, I am active everyday. I'm going to try to focus more on the fact that I am moving in some way, and not stress out if I don't run everyday. 
  • Even though I said I wouldn't focus on "things" I'd like to reduce my fabric stash. I've been using what I have and managing just fine since November. I'm only going to buy fabric if it is for a project, not just because it's pretty. When I buy it I will have a project/pattern in mind and will (attempt) to buy all of the supplies at that times. Once it enters the house I will have to use it in 1 month or else I will...I'm not sure. I just want to use it, not hide it. This means you jersey fabric I've had hidden since 2009, I'm coming for you.
  • Embrace my time. I worry a lot about "wasting" time. I would like to try to re-define my ideas about this. If I want to spend 30 minutes looking at Pinterest, I will. This isn't "wasted"time, it's time spent doing something I enjoy, no need to worry about it. 
  • Along those lines, I'd like to feel more at peace and happy with where I am. As I've mentioned before I worry about our next stop, our next place. As someone with a Type A personality, it's hard for me to "live in the moment." I feel like I've been getting better though. I'd like to embrace more of that attitude. 
The last 26 years have been great, I can't wait to see what 27 has in store. 


P.S. Charlie and I both took the day off from work and are skiing at Jay Peak. Charlie is excited about the skiing, and I can't wait to go to the indoor water park!


  1. Beautifully written, L. You've achieved some great things and have some wonderful stories to tell from those 26 years . . . I know your 27th year can only bring more greatness!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren. You are welcome in the age of 27. I hope that you will correct your errors of the previous year & will go ahead for the future. We expect new articles, new posts from you.

  3. Happy birthday Lauren! 27 is awesome! enjoy!
    shelby g


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