Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ski Vacation Recap

For my birthday Charlie planned a trip to Jay Peak. It was tons of fun. The hotel is brand new and has tons of amenities. 

Comfy beds. 

A fireplace. I love fireplaces. Whenever we were in the room I turned it on. 

Keurig, tiny stove, mini fridge. Tiny stiff makes cooking seem more appealing. 
 The room was great, but the skiing was even better. The first day it was really cold. One chair lift had a -30 degree wind chill warning. We thought they were kidding, they were not. The second day was warmer and it had snowed that night and into the morning so the conditions were great. We skied from 8:30 until 3:30 with a lunch break as our only stopping time. The third day was windy and snowy. It was so windy that three of the chair lifts were closed down. We stayed until lunch and then went home.

Tram stop all the way at the peak. 

View from the top. 

 Aside from 3 and 18, 118 is my third favorite number. Can you guess why? January 18th (1/18) is my birthday. I always look at the number of the chair lift we're on. On Friday, 1/18, my birthday we got on lift 118. I thought it was funny/coincidental.

Besides the skiing and fancy room, the hotel also had an indoor pool/water park. I love water parks so this was a huge selling point for me. There were four slides, a surf area, rock climbing wall, and two hot tubs, one inside and one outside. The best slide was the red one. You stand at the top inside a plastic cage and a voice says "3, 2, 1, launch" and then the floor under you falls out and you fall through the tube. I screamed the entire way. The second time I did it I somehow flipped myself onto my stomach and banged my elbow and hip in the process. I was okay. Once at a water park I got a bloody nose s that was nothing.

A 27 year olds dream!
I tried to take a picture of us on one of the slides. This is the best I got. It was so fun.

 The other great part was that on the way to dinner one night there was a huge fireworks show.
I didn't even tell them it was my birthday!

Skiing, water park slides, a fireplace, yummy food, Keurig machines, and fireworks. This was pretty much the greatest weekend of my life. If you ever get a chance to go to Jay Peak I would recommend it. 


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