Thursday, January 10, 2013


The other day I stumbled upon this adorable free pattern to make knock off TOM'S shoes for toddlers and babies. My co-worker is pregnant and had a baby shower at work today, so I decided to make her baby a pair. I also have another friend who had a baby in October so I made him a pair too. I find it's easier to cut out and make two (or four in this case) of something at one time than to do it twice.  I did these in an assembly line style.

Sewing such tiny things is fun, but also quite difficult. When I finished the first one I showed it to Charlie and we both said; "Are babies feet even that small?" Shows how much we know about babies. 

I made up little tags to look like TOM'S for the backs. It was actually pretty easy, same steps as the Twill Tape Labels I made a few years back. Just with a light blue band added to the top and bottom of the tag. 

The first pair has a contrasting top piece, with a matching inside sole. 

The second pair is all one fabric with a polka dot inside. The pattern was super fun to make. Although, as I mentioned, it was a little tricky sewing something this minuscule  I had tiny scraps of thread and fabric all over myself by the end of the night.

I hope the Mom's and babies enjoy these little shoes.



  1. I cannot get over how cute these are, and how close to the real TOM's they look! I am very impressed :)

  2. You should sell these! They are adorable!!


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