Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photo A Day Recap: Week 4

Here is my week 4 of the photo a day challenge. I find that when I use my camera I have better quality pictures that I am proud of, but I don't typically get around to publishing them that day. Friday-Sunday were posted all at the same time this morning. Oops.

21:Something You Do: I had the day off so I went with "Something you do on a day off." I cut out a pattern for a dress. Fabric was from my stash. Hurray for using fabric from the stash.

22: Corner: Corners of Thank You cards and my address book. My Grandmother always said that if you liked a present and wanted another one you should write a thank you note. Since then I always have.

23: Electric: One of my most favorite electronic devices. A few people asked me what happened to my old sewing machine. I still have it. I use it quite a bit. I have been using the Bernina with the walking foot to sew tricky fabrics lately (wool and fake silky fabric to be exact). There comments actually prompted me to change the blog name. Funny how little things can bring on a change.

24: Stripes: I'm not sure this counted but oh well. I think plaid is kind of like stripes. My new warm jumper.

25: Landscape: After work on Friday I drove to Dartmouth University to see a diving meet. The drive was not all that pretty, lots of trailers and run down old shops. This picture is heavily cropped to hide the stop light I was waiting at, all of the cars, and the power lines. I guess it teaches me to look past the not so pretty stuff and see the beautiful mountains in the distance.

26: Together: My friend Liz had a baby in October and wanted to have a get together with her friends. We all met in Concord and ate at Margarita's. It was fun. I miss her living right around the corner.  

 27: Sun: When we took Penny for a walk this morning the sun was so bright reflecting off of the snow. I took this picture without even looking because it was so bright. It was a pleasant surprise that Penny was in the shot, although very small. Can you see her?

 Only half a week left. Can you believe January is almost over?


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