Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tova Jumper

For Christmas my Brother and Sister In Law bought me four yards of two plaid fabrics. After practicing my skills on the Tova top I jumped right into this project. I probably should have researched more about sewing with plaid. It's pretty crooked. I even tried to match the plaids on the sides. That did not work. Not at all, just don't look too closely.

Don't look at the crooked plaids, look at the ceiling, a common
trend when I take pictures of myself apparently. 

I made a lot of changes to this pattern. Some intentionally, some just as a whim. I can never making anything easy on myself. As with the top, I added an extra placket piece of fabric so the wrong side of the fabric wouldn't show. It turned out to be quite bulky, since it's made of wool. In order to reduce some of the bulk I took out one of the placket strips so the inside one doesn't have an extra piece, I just sewed the line so it looks like it does. I saw a corduroy Tova dress that had the little hanging loop here, so I copied it. I think it's cute.  I also changed the neck. It was supposed to be taller but I shortened it by just sewing it onto the edge right sides together, turning it and pressing it up then folding it over and hand stitching it on the inside. 

I also added pockets using the Washi dress pattern piece. I love pockets. They kept my hands super warm today while I was in a conference room that was about 53 degrees. Speaking of cold weather. I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear this until the temperature warmed up a bit since it's been about 10 degrees here in New Hampshire lately with negative temps if you count the wind chill. My solution was to wear my new long johns as if there were leggings. No one even knew. Aside from walking to school, and the freezing meeting, I was warm all day.

Lastly, I had planned to add sleeves. I called my Mom via Facetime and she reassured me that the dress should be a jumper (ie sleeveless). I was worried I would look like a 12 year old, but my Mum said I should be happy I look young. She also said the sleeves would be even harder to match the plaids. I figured I had done a crap job of matching the plaids to begin with so I should quit before it got worse. It also seems a lot less bulky without sleeves made of wool. 

My new jumper even goes with my infinity scarf. Success.

Did you know what a jumper was?

Do you think jumpers made of plaid make you look like you escaped from private boarding school?


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