Friday, January 25, 2013

Honeymoon Recap: Part Two

Part two of our trip was in Yosemite National Park. It was gorgeous. I'd never seen mountains that tall before. The waterfalls were breathtaking. Here are my favorite pictures. 

Entering Yosemite.
View of two of the waterfalls we hiked past. Vernal Falls in the lower left and Nevada Falls higher right. 

Shack Charlie made me sleep in. It wasn't that bad. It had electrictiy and
wasn't cold.  And I did not contract a fecal mouse virus and die so there's a plus. 
Half Dome. I hiked that beast. I still can't believe it myself. 
Swimming in the Merced River. Two days after we got home 2 people
drowned here. We really dodged a bunch of terrible outcomes on this trip. 
The first part of our Half Dome experience. Vernal Falls.  
Half Dome. Look closely on the left and you can see the line of people hiking up.
 They look like ants. I was so nervous knowing that in 30+ minutes I would be one of them. 
We made it! It felt like being on top of the world. 
After the paralyzing fear of hiking up Half Dome was over, I could document what it was like going down, with less fear. Although my hand was still tightly gripping the cables as I took these pictures. 
View going up. People go up and down on the same cables. This was a less busy time, when were were going up there was a line of people going up and another line coming down. There are boards every few feet to rest your toes on, while we were hiking up two of the board fell down the rock face. Needless to say that was pretty scary. 
What I looked like the entire time. 
Looking up. The pictures don't make it look as scary as it was. 
More idiots, I mean people, climbing up. 
Hiking back down Sub Dome was almost as scary as the cables. It was windy
 and there were all of these tiny steps carved into the rocks. 
Charlie didn't mind, but I was scared. It didn't help that my legs were super
tired and my knees were still clacking together from fear. 
It was a super fun trip. We didn't die, or get divorced, which were legitimate
fears I had. I would never hike Half Dome again, but I would go back to Yosemite
 in the spring to see the waterfalls really rushing.

I hope you enjoyed the recap. If you've never been to the West Coast I'd recommend it. 


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