Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo A Day: Weekly Recap

I am doing another Photo A Day Month. Last year I posted everyday on my blog, but I figured since I have Instagram to post, I would just repost the photos for a recap once a week. 

1. Today: We took down the Christmas tree.

2. Something New: My brother made me a shelf for Christmas. I love it so much I made a video about it. Watch It if you haven't. And if you have you should watch it again. I'm waiting for it to go viral so I'll be famous. 

3. Heart: This is a snowflake I made and is hung on the window at work. I used a pattern book. 

4. View From Here: Frozen waterfall on a walk with Penny.

5. Movement: Penny's tail wagging while she waits for us to get ready to go running.

6. Mine: Or used to be. I cleaned out a few drawers and am donating some clothes I no longer wear.

I'm going to try to take more pictures with a camera and not with the ipad, since the quality is not the best. Join in if you feel so inclined.


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