Sunday, January 20, 2013

Honeymoon; Super Late Recap

I realized I never wrote about our honeymoon the other day. Since this blog is mostly for my own amusement and to record my thoughts etc. I figured I would post about it. We had approximately four trips planned, all of which fell through. We were going to go away in February of 2012 but Charlie couldn't miss school, then we couldn't really agree on a place to go to begin with. We finally got around to going on a honeymoon on our one year anniversary. After our friends wedding we flew to Portland Oregon. From Portland we went to the coast and drove down Route 101 to San Francisco. This post will be just pictures and captions about that leg of the trip, the second portion of our trip I'll write about in a second post. I could write tons about the trip, but I've decided to keep it mostly pictures, since they speak a thousands words themselves. 
Charlie and I on our anniversary at Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Crazy waves, Cannon Beach Oregon. 
Gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
Another gorgeous sunset. 
Hike through the Redwoods. Stunning.
Redwoods. Seriously, they were spectacular. There are not adjectives great enough to describe the experience of seeing the Redwoods. It's something you just have to see for yourself.

My uncle Neal took us on a 20 mile bike ride around Oakland. My butt hurt for 4 days.
Enjoying a cruise around the San Francisco Bay. 
Golden Gate Bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge. I forced Charlie to walk part of the way across. 
Nappa Valley. I realized I don't like wine so I took 1 million pictures. 
Curviest street in the world. And such a hike to get to. 
World's most delicious donuts. Bob's Donuts in San Francisco on Polk Street. You should go.

Part two pictures coming soon.

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  1. THANK GOD for your recaps! We just found out that our vacation is being extended to include Portland. So basically we'll be doing a mini-version of your trip, but backwards . . . my job today - write down everything you guys did :P love you!


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