Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day I counted 9 more circles to quilt. Then I quilted 4 while watching Black Swan. Then I put the quilt out again and counted 10 more circles to go. Sometimes I think this quilt is playing games with my head.

I hope to have it done by the weekend. A friend is coming to visit (that never happens) and I want the guest room to be "done." Nothing works like a deadline to get you into quilting high gear huh?

Working on it isn't such a chore, I love the fabric, still, after 100+ circles. It's so pretty and so soft. Finished pictures coming soon (I hope). 



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wapack Statistics

I hardly passed Statistics so I don't know if this qualifies, but here are the numbers and other info from my race yesterday.

Miles: 21.5
Time: 6:55:50
Mountains Climbed: 8
Total Elevation: 8,000 +
Times I got Lost: 3
Extra Miles Run While Lost: 1.5-2 (maybe)
Times I Swore: 4
Black Flies Swallowed: 4
Number of Times I Sat on a Rock: 1
Times I Saw a Snake: 1
Times I Screamed and Hopped Around Like an Idiot: 1 (see above)
Falls: 2, no blood though.
Initial Goal: Finish with the same or better time as last year
Second Goal: Changed at about mile 8, don't cry/puke, just finish.
First 12 miles run in: 3:45
Last 9 miles run in: 3:05 (remember I sat on a rock for part of the time)
Miles I Ran Alone: 11.5, .5 or more were spent running with an old man that I thought knew where we were going, but then didn't. Then I convinced Charlie to run with me.
Words I spoke to Charlie While he was Running With Me: Less than 500 (over 3 hours) and most of them were "This hurts", "How much longer?" or "You lied."
Times Charlie Said "This is the last hill.": 3
Tears Shed: 4
Chafed Body Parts: 0, the one success of this race. Sorry that's TMI.
Times I was Farted on: 0, another success, unless you consider that the farting man was so far ahead of me that he couldn't fart on me.... For the back story click here.
Last mile pace: 8 minutes (if only I had done the rest of the race that fast!)
Times I Upchucked: 1 (post race) Gatorade+ Lauren= bad/barf.
Food Consumed During the Race: 3 energy chews, 2 cooked potato slices, 1 pretzel stick, 2 orange wedges, 3 nibbles of a cookie, one cup ginger ale, and one handful of chex mix. (Not enough obviously, but all I could force myself to eat and not feel like upchucking.)
Food Consumed After the Race: 1 handful of popcorn, 1 girl scout cookie, 3 sips of Gatorade (bleck, see above), 1 orange Coolata, 2 jumbo marshmallows, 1 heaping plate of stir fry, lots of cookie dough ice cream.

Race shirt, Half eaten Jumbo Marshmallow and Coolata in Hand. 
How Bad I Smelled on a Scale of 1-10 when this Picture was Taken: 12.76
2 Questions You're Probably Wondering Answered: 
1. Will You Run Wapack Again?- Of course, I have to redeem myself.
2. How Long Are You Going to Take off From Running?- until my body stops yelling at me "What were you thinking?!?!?!" with every step I take.

Thanks for reading! And Thanks to Daddy and Mary Lou for cheering for me, and a special thanks to Charlie for running 9 miles with me in 3 hours, even though he could have done it much faster and not had someone calling him a liar or gagging every 4 minutes. 


"I Can't Wait for Summer" Top

Last year I was blown away the people who entered in "Spring Top Week." This year it's called "Spring Top Sewalong" since it's more than a week.

Luckily my vacation fell during the time period and I was able to make a top to enter. I named it the "I Can't Wait for Summer" Top.

The fabric was bought last year at Joann's. It's swish dot which seems to be all the rage lately. The pattern is a modified version of Simplicity 5552 . I changed a few things. The shoulders were much too long so I fixed that. I took in the sides a bit to make it more form fitting and less pregnancy topish. Lastly, I added some elastic to the back to add a bit more shape. Maybe someday I'll be brave and try shirring. Maybe.
 Lastly, in case you miss seeing my face:


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Must Have...

This sampler kit.
I'm. In. Love.

If I didn't have a quilt to finish, one to start, 4 chicken embroidery things...an embroidery project I've been working on since 2008 (sorry Mum!), and a kit of ornaments by the same felting/embroidery/blogging genius, Posie, I might buy this kit. 

Oh, what the heck. It's ordered. At this rate it will be done by the time I have a kid....in 2017.

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