Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wapack Statistics

I hardly passed Statistics so I don't know if this qualifies, but here are the numbers and other info from my race yesterday.

Miles: 21.5
Time: 6:55:50
Mountains Climbed: 8
Total Elevation: 8,000 +
Times I got Lost: 3
Extra Miles Run While Lost: 1.5-2 (maybe)
Times I Swore: 4
Black Flies Swallowed: 4
Number of Times I Sat on a Rock: 1
Times I Saw a Snake: 1
Times I Screamed and Hopped Around Like an Idiot: 1 (see above)
Falls: 2, no blood though.
Initial Goal: Finish with the same or better time as last year
Second Goal: Changed at about mile 8, don't cry/puke, just finish.
First 12 miles run in: 3:45
Last 9 miles run in: 3:05 (remember I sat on a rock for part of the time)
Miles I Ran Alone: 11.5, .5 or more were spent running with an old man that I thought knew where we were going, but then didn't. Then I convinced Charlie to run with me.
Words I spoke to Charlie While he was Running With Me: Less than 500 (over 3 hours) and most of them were "This hurts", "How much longer?" or "You lied."
Times Charlie Said "This is the last hill.": 3
Tears Shed: 4
Chafed Body Parts: 0, the one success of this race. Sorry that's TMI.
Times I was Farted on: 0, another success, unless you consider that the farting man was so far ahead of me that he couldn't fart on me.... For the back story click here.
Last mile pace: 8 minutes (if only I had done the rest of the race that fast!)
Times I Upchucked: 1 (post race) Gatorade+ Lauren= bad/barf.
Food Consumed During the Race: 3 energy chews, 2 cooked potato slices, 1 pretzel stick, 2 orange wedges, 3 nibbles of a cookie, one cup ginger ale, and one handful of chex mix. (Not enough obviously, but all I could force myself to eat and not feel like upchucking.)
Food Consumed After the Race: 1 handful of popcorn, 1 girl scout cookie, 3 sips of Gatorade (bleck, see above), 1 orange Coolata, 2 jumbo marshmallows, 1 heaping plate of stir fry, lots of cookie dough ice cream.

Race shirt, Half eaten Jumbo Marshmallow and Coolata in Hand. 
How Bad I Smelled on a Scale of 1-10 when this Picture was Taken: 12.76
2 Questions You're Probably Wondering Answered: 
1. Will You Run Wapack Again?- Of course, I have to redeem myself.
2. How Long Are You Going to Take off From Running?- until my body stops yelling at me "What were you thinking?!?!?!" with every step I take.

Thanks for reading! And Thanks to Daddy and Mary Lou for cheering for me, and a special thanks to Charlie for running 9 miles with me in 3 hours, even though he could have done it much faster and not had someone calling him a liar or gagging every 4 minutes. 


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