Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raving About Hartery Photography

I would like to shout from a mountain top, so here goes. (Lauren climbs to mountain top) Hey Everyone! Check out the amazing pictures my wonderful friend Sam took at my bridal shower last weekend. She's a fantastic photographer, lovely person and all around just great. I can't say enough good things about her. Here's a sneak peak.

Sam has been taking pictures for quite a while, many of my most favorite pictures from college were snapped by her. She's starting to build her business in the hopes that one day she can become a full time photographer. If you're interested and live in Maine or anywhere close I highly recommend her. Check out her website, I'm sure you'll be hooked; Hartery Photography.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Bridal Shower Apron

This weekend was very busy. We went to Connecticut for Charlie's grandmother's 90th birthday party. It was loads of fun. I had never met most of Charlie's relatives before so it was great to get to meet them. Plus, I already knew all of their names and where they lived from addressing wedding stuff. Lots of putting faces to names. After the party on Saturday Charlie's aunt hosted a bridal shower for me, and also for my future sister in law, Meera. Having a joint shower is not as much pressure, I'd recommend it.

Anywho, when you're sharing a bridal shower with someone you don't just get presents you get to give them too. I made Meera an apron over my vacation. I purchased the book "A is for Apron" over a year ago and finally decided to put it to use. The only problem was that there were no pattern pieces included, just a few pages in the back that needed to be enlarged 400%. I had/have no idea where to get pattern pieces enlarged and printed, and I didn't really feel like leaving the house at the time, so I pulled some newspaper out of the recycling bin and winged it. After cutting most of the pieces out Rich came inside, noticed my dilemma and tried to help me to do math to fix it. At that point it was too late, and my measurements were far too off to be remedied so I continued down my path of winging it/ figuring it out while I worked, plus I hate math.

Despite my winging it I think the end result is pretty nice. After reading some of the reviews of the book lots of other people had problems with enlarging and following the poorly worded directions as well. Glad I am not the only one. I even winged it/ deviated from the pattern enough to make it reversible.

I also added some little details, tiny mismatched buttons.

Jay (Meera's future hubs/ my future brother-in-law/ Charlie's brother) decided to put the apron on once the boys returned from bowling. As I was snapping his picture Charlie said "She's going to blog about this!" At least he knows me well, right?

The best part was when Meera opened my gift to her she said "An Apron! I was so jealous of the apron you made for Danielle for Christmas." I love making gifts for appreciative people, especially when they are also really nice and fun to boot.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unbelievably Comfortable Skirt

While I was sewing this quilt top I kept thinking to myself, this fabric is so nice you shouldn't be making a quilt that you can only sleep in, you should be making clothes you can wear all day. Luckily, around that time Anna Maria Horner came up with her Flirting the Issue Skirt. I bought some of the fabric from her new line and was able to make a skirt over my vacation.

I didn't want to show it until today because I am wearing it to a bridal shower and I hate ruining surprises.

The pattern was free and very easy to follow. The skirt itself is unbelievably comfortable. I think I might make 10 more and never have to wear uncomfortable pants again.

I'll post more pictures after the bridal shower.

Happy Sunday!
Edit, Here's a picture of Charlie and I at the bridal shower. It was lots of fun. This picture makes me desperate for summer and some natural highlights in my hair.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Car Garbage Collector

I think I forgot to mention here that I got a new car! Check that off my list of 25 things to do this year. It isn't even a "new to me" car, it's a new to the world 2011.

Since it's a new car and has a new car smell I decided that no one should eat in the car. That lasted approximately 2 days. Then I decided that since it's a new car and has a new car smell, and since I can't keep myself or Charles from eating in the car I decided that we should attempt to be clean when we are eating.
I had seen a few posts or tutorials in books about making car garbage collectors but none seemed to fit my idea. I schemed up the idea for this one, where else, but in the car. Here it is:

It even has a pocket for wet wipes, or maybe some Doritos.

It even has a tissue dispenser. I can never find tissues in the car, problem solved!

Here's what it looks like in my new car. Pretty snazzy huh? I'd show you a picture of the whole car except it's raining, and the car is dirty.

Off for a weekend getaway. I'll be back on Sunday with all of my other posts. I don't want to ruin any surprises by posting pictures.

Stay dry!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Dress- Always

Fooled you didn't I! There are no pictures here (yet) of my wedding dress.

For those followers who do not have facebook (hi Dad!) I have decided to post this story here as well. It's an extended version.

My Mum has sewed almost every important dress I've ever worn. For example she sewed the dress I worn on the first day of kindergarten. Skip ahead 8 years to when I started wearing dresses again, she made my 8th grade graduation dress, prom dress, high school graduation dress, bridesmaid dress, and plenty of dresses in between.

In all honesty when it came time to think about a wedding dress, and since we're being honest here, that was in 2009 before I was even engaged, it was clear to me that my Mum would make it for me. I think it was pretty clear to her too, or at least she didn't seem surprised when in 2010, after getting engaged, I showed her a pattern for a dress I wanted her to make and she exclaimed "It's beautiful" and not; "Are you freaking nuts?!?!"

Skip ahead again to us searching stores for the perfect fabric. We found one that was positively beautiful, but the $190 a yard price tag was not exactly in our price range. Then I found another fabric that was equally beautiful in my mind and ordered it. The package came the other day in the mail, in this box:

I've always been a fan of recycling and I found this absolutely hilarious. Who sends expensive wedding dress fabric in a recycled maxi pad box? Luckily my Mum, Rich, and my friend Kiki were around to witness the box arrival.  

Here is what I posted on facebook; "Today the fabric for my wedding dress came. It showed up in an "always" maxi pad box. I suppose that's better than a "depends" box." After the initial hilarity had worn off I began to think about how fabric arriving in a box marked "Always." It's probably a very good sign for an upcoming wedding. I think it's also a good sign that my Mum will always love me even if I sign her up to sew me a wedding dress and constantly stress her out. I know I will always love her and always be grateful for all that she's done for me.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Pin Tuck Shirt

I, Lauren Cassidy, followed a pattern. I just wanted to write that down since it happens so infrequently; which if you weren't aware of before you will see what I mean in upcoming posts this week. Back to my pattern following. It wasn't so bad. My only complaint, and main reason I don't follow patterns, is that when I measure myself in order to figure out what size pattern pieces to cut out for some reason the measurements always lead me to cut out pieces that are a size 12. I am not a size 12. But for some reason when I figure out my measurements it always adds up to a size 12. Then, feeling bad about myself and pledging to start a diet in the morning I cut out the pattern in a size 12. Next, I spend 2+ hours sewing, try on the garment and then contemplate gaining weight so that I will fit into the garment I just spent 2+ hours sewing and is obviously much too large for me. Quite the conundrum. For some reason I always forget about this size 12 dilemma, and therefore do it again; it might have to do with the fact that, as I mentioned, I follow patterns so infrequently.
Anyways enough complaining. Here is the shirt I cut out as a size 12 then spent twice the amount of time I should have making it actually fit me.

Luckily I was able to resist the urge to rip the shirt to shreds(which is a frequent urge of mine) long enough to pack it away for my trip to Maine. While in Maine, as you know, I fell into a sewing coma, and was able to finish the shirt with some help and advice from my Mum.

Snazzy huh? Here is a close up of the pin tucks in the front.

Here is the extra long elastic in the back to scrunch up the extra fabric.

And for good measure here is a picture of me wearing it today.  I had originally intended to wake up early to take pictures and post but as you can see plans changed. I figured tired Lauren after work would look better than tired Lauren before work. I was home alone and wanted the light in the kitchen so this is the best I could do.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Perfect Sewing Set Up

Hello Friends! As you know I've been sewing up a storm here in Maine, and loving every second of it. Sadly, today I must go home. The real world is calling me; it says "Hey, Lauren, you have a case load of 40 kids who need therapy, 3 who need evaluations, and 2 who need new IEP's! Did you forget about them?" Sadly the real world is correct, and I must return from my sewing induced coma.

On a brighter note, I will try my best to post one project that I have completed everyday this week. Sound fun? I might even give you a snazzy tutorial, if you're good.

In closing here are some pictures of the awesome sewing set up I've been working with this week.

Four sewing machines for two people. That's a ratio I could get used to. 

The best part is that my Mum is here to help me. In other words, fix my mistakes, pin a hem, entirely re-work a dress (see pink dress on dress form), and just talk.  Part of me wonders what's been running faster this week; the sewing machines or our mouths. 

It's been a good week.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outdoor Quilt Photo Shoot

 I've been in Maine all week on my vacation. It has been great.  I've had a chance to see a lot of my family, a few friends, and a new baby. I've also had time to sew! I finished the quilt top and couldn't resist taking it out to the barn for a photo shoot. 




I might be mildly obsessed with this barn. I am also very excited to finish the quilt now. Hopefully in time for a spring time barn photo shoot.

Stay warm! Lauren
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