Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Perfect Sewing Set Up

Hello Friends! As you know I've been sewing up a storm here in Maine, and loving every second of it. Sadly, today I must go home. The real world is calling me; it says "Hey, Lauren, you have a case load of 40 kids who need therapy, 3 who need evaluations, and 2 who need new IEP's! Did you forget about them?" Sadly the real world is correct, and I must return from my sewing induced coma.

On a brighter note, I will try my best to post one project that I have completed everyday this week. Sound fun? I might even give you a snazzy tutorial, if you're good.

In closing here are some pictures of the awesome sewing set up I've been working with this week.

Four sewing machines for two people. That's a ratio I could get used to. 

The best part is that my Mum is here to help me. In other words, fix my mistakes, pin a hem, entirely re-work a dress (see pink dress on dress form), and just talk.  Part of me wonders what's been running faster this week; the sewing machines or our mouths. 

It's been a good week.



  1. Wow!!! How much fun :) I just turned my living room, aka the lobby, into a studio yesterday and my sewing machine is finally out!!! We will have to have some sewing dates! Be safe on your drive home!


  2. Super jealous wish I could of been there to help!!


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