Friday, March 11, 2011

Car Garbage Collector

I think I forgot to mention here that I got a new car! Check that off my list of 25 things to do this year. It isn't even a "new to me" car, it's a new to the world 2011.

Since it's a new car and has a new car smell I decided that no one should eat in the car. That lasted approximately 2 days. Then I decided that since it's a new car and has a new car smell, and since I can't keep myself or Charles from eating in the car I decided that we should attempt to be clean when we are eating.
I had seen a few posts or tutorials in books about making car garbage collectors but none seemed to fit my idea. I schemed up the idea for this one, where else, but in the car. Here it is:

It even has a pocket for wet wipes, or maybe some Doritos.

It even has a tissue dispenser. I can never find tissues in the car, problem solved!

Here's what it looks like in my new car. Pretty snazzy huh? I'd show you a picture of the whole car except it's raining, and the car is dirty.

Off for a weekend getaway. I'll be back on Sunday with all of my other posts. I don't want to ruin any surprises by posting pictures.

Stay dry!

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