Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Dress- Always

Fooled you didn't I! There are no pictures here (yet) of my wedding dress.

For those followers who do not have facebook (hi Dad!) I have decided to post this story here as well. It's an extended version.

My Mum has sewed almost every important dress I've ever worn. For example she sewed the dress I worn on the first day of kindergarten. Skip ahead 8 years to when I started wearing dresses again, she made my 8th grade graduation dress, prom dress, high school graduation dress, bridesmaid dress, and plenty of dresses in between.

In all honesty when it came time to think about a wedding dress, and since we're being honest here, that was in 2009 before I was even engaged, it was clear to me that my Mum would make it for me. I think it was pretty clear to her too, or at least she didn't seem surprised when in 2010, after getting engaged, I showed her a pattern for a dress I wanted her to make and she exclaimed "It's beautiful" and not; "Are you freaking nuts?!?!"

Skip ahead again to us searching stores for the perfect fabric. We found one that was positively beautiful, but the $190 a yard price tag was not exactly in our price range. Then I found another fabric that was equally beautiful in my mind and ordered it. The package came the other day in the mail, in this box:

I've always been a fan of recycling and I found this absolutely hilarious. Who sends expensive wedding dress fabric in a recycled maxi pad box? Luckily my Mum, Rich, and my friend Kiki were around to witness the box arrival.  

Here is what I posted on facebook; "Today the fabric for my wedding dress came. It showed up in an "always" maxi pad box. I suppose that's better than a "depends" box." After the initial hilarity had worn off I began to think about how fabric arriving in a box marked "Always." It's probably a very good sign for an upcoming wedding. I think it's also a good sign that my Mum will always love me even if I sign her up to sew me a wedding dress and constantly stress her out. I know I will always love her and always be grateful for all that she's done for me.


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  1. Thank you Lauren. The feeling is mutual.
    Your Mum


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