Monday, March 7, 2011

Pin Tuck Shirt

I, Lauren Cassidy, followed a pattern. I just wanted to write that down since it happens so infrequently; which if you weren't aware of before you will see what I mean in upcoming posts this week. Back to my pattern following. It wasn't so bad. My only complaint, and main reason I don't follow patterns, is that when I measure myself in order to figure out what size pattern pieces to cut out for some reason the measurements always lead me to cut out pieces that are a size 12. I am not a size 12. But for some reason when I figure out my measurements it always adds up to a size 12. Then, feeling bad about myself and pledging to start a diet in the morning I cut out the pattern in a size 12. Next, I spend 2+ hours sewing, try on the garment and then contemplate gaining weight so that I will fit into the garment I just spent 2+ hours sewing and is obviously much too large for me. Quite the conundrum. For some reason I always forget about this size 12 dilemma, and therefore do it again; it might have to do with the fact that, as I mentioned, I follow patterns so infrequently.
Anyways enough complaining. Here is the shirt I cut out as a size 12 then spent twice the amount of time I should have making it actually fit me.

Luckily I was able to resist the urge to rip the shirt to shreds(which is a frequent urge of mine) long enough to pack it away for my trip to Maine. While in Maine, as you know, I fell into a sewing coma, and was able to finish the shirt with some help and advice from my Mum.

Snazzy huh? Here is a close up of the pin tucks in the front.

Here is the extra long elastic in the back to scrunch up the extra fabric.

And for good measure here is a picture of me wearing it today.  I had originally intended to wake up early to take pictures and post but as you can see plans changed. I figured tired Lauren after work would look better than tired Lauren before work. I was home alone and wanted the light in the kitchen so this is the best I could do.




  1. that is a lovely shirt! I'm envious of your sewing ability. I also rarely follow patterns when I knit or crochet. a pattern is more of a starting point for me and then I make it my own. but hey, if you ever have that size 12 problem again, I'd be happy to give those garments a loving home! :)


  2. Good use of the word


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