Tuesday, January 15, 2013

26 Years 26 Goals

With my birthday quickly approaching, I've decided to check in on my 26 Goals for 26. Here goes:
  1. Get a dog. I really want one and I think my constant talk has convinced Charlie too. Yep! She's the best. I can't imagine our lives without our Penny girl. 
  2. Buy a house. No. Not so much. Waiting for the time to be right. 
  3. Move into house without hurting myself or being a mega jerk to others. Success on that front since we didn't move. I try not to be a mega jerk though. 
  4. Stay physically active. Mostly. I haven't been running as much lately, but having a dog ensures that I at least walk a lot.  
  5. Think more about things before I impulsively buy them. I've almost gone too far in the wrong direction here...thinking so much that I don't ever buy anything. 
  6. Go on a honeymoon. Yeah! I just realized I never blogged about it though, I'll have to remedy that. Our trip was great. 
  7. Take pictures. Yes. I need to work on taking pictures of people more though. I have a lot of pictures of Penny and mountains. 
  8. Throw things away. Why must I save every card anyone has sent me? P.S. Thanks for the birthday cards peps! No. I've decided to embrace that I am super sentimental. I really like looking back at pictures, cards, momentos. I hope my future children are sentimental too or else I'll be on Horders. 
  9. Finish things before starting other things. Kind of. I don't start a project until the first is finished, but I just make piles of things I want to do. This does not keep my work space much tidier than when I had 10 projects at once. 
  10. Think before jumping to assumptions, especially in regards to the students I work with. I'm really trying. I seem to jump to an assumption, then back track and try to think of other possibilities. 
  11. Stand up for myself. I told one of the teachers I work with that my motto at the beginning of the year would be "I don't take shit from anyone." I need to start following that motto. If only I could post it on the wall at school.... Somedays yes, somedays no. It's a work in progress. 
  12. Keep working on keeping new and old friends. Well, I haven't really made many (any) new friends. 
  13. Send more letters to people. Oops. The only person I send/sent letters to is Charlie's grandma. I send cards. 
  14. Learn more about my family history. Oops again. 
  15. Eat more vegetables. In the summer it's easy. In the winter not so much. 
  16. Read more books. Yikes. I read a bunch this summer and then totally stopped. My Dad bought me a book for Christmas. I've tried to check books out from the library but all the good ones have waiting lists. 
  17. Try to stop swearing like a trucker Friday night - Sunday night. Yes. I just swear all the time. 
  18. Finish that gosh darn cross stitch for my Mom that I started in 2008! No but I am oh so close. Just check my constant instagraming of it.  
  19. Make a quilt and give it away. Who will be the lucky winner? No. I didn't make a single quilt.With some friends expecting babies, this will change in 2013. 
  20. Worry less. Ugh. No, definitely not. I have found however, that petting Penny before I go to bed helps me relax and sleep better.
  21. Be more creative. In other words, spend less time online thinking about being creative and actually do something creative. I've been making a more conscious effort to close the computer and be crafty. I've also embraced the idea that sometimes looking at things online can help you get ideas, and other times doing nothing is just what you need to do.
  22. Hike somewhere and spend the night, and not flip out about peeing in the woods or being dirty. Our Honeymoon meets 1/2 of the requirement. I did flip out one day though. After the flip out Charlie said he wouldn't make me sleep in a hut ever again though.
  23. Stop and smell the roses every now and again. Sure. Whatever the heck that means.
  24. Ask Charlie for things instead of assuming he can read my mind. I'm trying.
  25. Spend time with my family and friends. Yes. I love doing this.
  26. Continue appreciating what I have and feeling lucky, because I am. Most days I really do. Things happening around me make me so thankful for a loving husband, cozy warm home, fantastic family, cute as a button dog, and great friends. 

I can't wait to see what 27 has in store.


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