Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Purple Jersey Dress

One day about a week ago I was cutting out a pattern and Charlie was laying on the guest bed while I worked. He apparently never knew about the hidden compartment above where your pillow goes. He began exploring, and dug out a whole bunch of fabric and unfinished projects I was trying to forget about. One project was this dress. All that was left unfinished was the hem. Seriously Lauren, the hem?

I looked back at some facebook photos and realized that I last worked on this dress February 22, 2011. Fo almost two years this poor hemless dress was hidden away. I felt so bad I decided to finish it that night. I didn't even have to change the thread color I was using. I can't tell if that's a testament to my love of purple, or my unwillingness to typically change thread colors. 

This was meant to show how many times I had to shorten the front due to Sergical mistakes. Get it, serger-mistakes. 

I honestly don't remember much about the process of making this dress, since it was 2 years ago. The idea/ measurements came from "Sew U Home Stretch". It was from my own measurements and drafted pattern. The fabric is obviously jersey, which we all know I am scared of. I got it at Marden's for super cheep. It's very soft. I am still not 100% sure about the dress though. The styling needs some help. Black ribbon belt? Silver belt? No belt? Sweater? I need Tim Gun. I figure if this dress doesn't work out for wearing in public it could just be a night gown-ish thing since it is super comfortable. Either way it will to warm up to wear it since I've been wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to bed lately.

Any ideas on styling?

What do you do with sort-of failed projects?


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