Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photo A Day Recap: Week 2

7. Street: I was rushing to get to work on Monday and remembered this word on my walk. I turned around and saw the sun rising over the hills. Since then I have made sure to turn and look behind me on my way to work in the morning, it's so pretty, it's a shame to miss out on the sunrise colors.

8. Something Beginning With the Letter "T": Tags. I registered my car, and also Penny at the town office. Now she has new tags. I love the little engraved tag made from a penny from my brother and sister in law.

9. Paper: Test booklets and evaluations were scuffled around my desk all day it seemed.

10. One O' Clock: This one was a cheat. I forgot to take a picture, and was also in a meeting so I said I was thinking about giving my co-worker the baby shoes.

11. Water: Part of the river we run near was frozen here. Penny usually surprises me and goes swimming, but not this day.

12. Surprise: A present from my sister-in-law. New shoes and a pair of long johns.

13. Circle: My favorite pin cushion. My mum used to have a bigger one and my brother and I would poke pins in the little peoples eyes and noses. We were so mean. Now if I accidentally poke one of the people I feel bad.

Fun week. More posts coming soon!


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