Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Made By Me Week- Staple Dress

We have had lots of snow and crappy weather so I have been sewing up a storm. I have noticed however that sometimes I make clothing items for myself, wear them once, then never wear them again. To battle that, I've decided to do a Made By Me Week (MBMW). I got up and found out there was a 2 hour delay due to rain on Monday. Oh well, more time to casually eat breakfast, get ready and play with the dogs I thought. I even straightened my hair! Then as I was outside playing with the dogs and commenting about how slippery it was, school was called off for the day. This is our 3rd snow day in a row! I felt lucky, but also a bit stir crazy. Good thing I stocked up on fabric before this terrible weather struck. All dressed up with no where to go. So MBMW is starting a day late. But since I was all ready anyways, here are the pictures of my new outfit that I wore Monday morning  before I quickly  changed into sweatpants, and then wore again today. Unfortunately today it was about 35 degrees colder.

Dress: The Staple Dress by April Rhodes; Fabric: Marden's.
Cardigan: Target
Boots and Fleece Lined Tights: Bass. Although technically, I wore the boots yesterday, took them off and Blaze chewed one, so I wore different shoes today. Boot fixing tutorial coming soon.
Belt: J. Crew

As with all patterns that I follow my measurements lead me to cut out a size medium which looked like a large potato sack on me, so I took out the seams and cut it down to an extra small for the top and a small from the waist down. I also took about an inch off of the "sleeves".

Now it actually fits. Charlie pokes fun of me because everything sew turns out too big so I just add a belt. Which is very true.

Off to plan for tomorrows MBM outfit.


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