Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathroom Shelf Upgrade

When we looked at the house one thing I thought was terrible was the bathroom shelf/closet. The master bathroom itself was really nice, I like the colors, the wall paper on one wall, the sink, toilet and shower were all updated. Just the closet was awful. Here is what it looks like now, after several hours of work. 

When we moved in it was brown on the inside, dark dark brown, and had this crackle paint on the outside. It was supposed to look crackled, but it just looked like someone did a pitiful job painting it on the hottest day of the year. I figured we could live with it for a few weeks, but on day two I decided that had been long enough and took to door down. 

The inside was just a dark hole it seemed. The sides had these metal strips that held pegs to hold the shelves. We took those out and painted the entire thing white.

Several coats of white. This is a during shot. I am quite proud, I didn't spil paint anywhere, but I did get it in my hair.

After waiting a day for it to dry Charlie helped me measure, and he screwed in brackets to hold up the shelves. I tried to line the shelves with paper put accidentally only bought a four foot roll. So one out of the five shelves are lined. They rest will have to wait. I bought the baskets at Target and Michael's and am still not 100% sure about them.

I think it is a 100 billion times improvement over what was there before. And it only cost us a quart of paint and some screws.

I am sure there will be more home projects popping up here soon. Hope you don't mind.


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  1. love it! fixes like this are the best..looks great!


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