Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

 Just some random photos from this week.

My "working around the house" pants got two new holes which I patched this week. I have too many projects in mind that will require crappy jeans to let these ones go just yet.

Reading on the deck as the sun set. Pure bliss. It seems like I've waited forever for this. I just finished  "The Secret Keeper". Now I am moving on to "Sharp Objects."

The view, I'll never get sick of it. Charlie and I have been taking bets on when the snow won't be visible on Ragged anymore. 

Same view, just taken a few hours apart. 

Changing seasons always makes me so confused about what to wear, still trying to figure it out on Tuesday. 

But I got the hang of it by Thursday. The key is to always, always wear a cardigan.

 More rock walls on a walk with Penny.

Love birch trees swaying in the breeze. They are just starting to bud.

I see this yellow bush everywhere. For some reason it reminds me of my Grandmother, but I can't figure out why. I keep telling myself I need to get more into gardening and learn more plant names. People tell me the names of plants but then I can't remembering them and end up calling the plant a disease or some medical term because I forget the real name.

Happy Friday! We're off to NYC for the weekend for a wedding. It should be super fun.


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  1. Forsythia - it's one of my favorites (hence the only reason i know it's name)


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