Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sewing Room Art

Charlie's grandmother passed away a little over a year ago. Last summer we went to her house on Martha's Vineyard for a burial service. While we were there Charlie's aunt told me to take any books that interested me. There was one that I really wanted so I was pleased she told me to take it.

I love the cover, as well as the topic. The "setting up your sewing area" section of the book is quite funny. It was published in 1972. A friend said the cover had a very "yellow submarine" vibe.

I asked my then neighbor to photograph the cover for me to make a piece of art for my sewing room. Then I asked my computer savvy friend to edit the image. This is what he sent me.

Last week I got the image printed at a print shop in Plymouth. It took a few tries to get everything right and it only cost $1.50! I thought the lady made a mistake when she told me the price.

Then this weekend I asked my brother to make me a frame. He zipped around the wood shop so quickly putting a frame together. We filmed some of it until my camera had too many images to take anymore video. I was thinking about making another video like this one, but then I decided that if he went viral and I didn't I'd be so jealous.

Once we got home I framed the picture and hung it up in the sewing room. I really really like it. I might paint the frame to offset the colors in the image. Maybe a cobalt blue color? Thoughts?

I love it!  I'll show you the whole room soon.


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