Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Copy Cat Skirt

On the first day of school this year the librarian at the Elementary School I work at wore a really cute skirt. I told her I liked it, she said I could probably make it, I told her if she let me borrow it for a while I probably could.  She did let me borrow it and two(ish) months later I finally finished the skirt. 

I tried to dress like her for Halloween, but no one noticed. I guess we dress too much alike to begin with.

The fabric makes me kind of dizzy looking at these photos. The fabric was on sale, and I thought it was   somewhat "Autumnal". Someone said that word in front of me the other day and I have been trying to find ways to say it all week to make myself look smart. Did it work?

 Can you see my invisible zipper? Didn't think so. Boo Yeah! It only took me two tries. Down one from my typical three.

I got home hours ago and waited for Charlie to come home to snap some photos. I wouldn't typically show photos of my derriere (had to look up the spelling on that one Dad), but this below photo makes me laugh because you'd think Charlie would say, "Hey your skirt, the one you're having me take pictures of for your blog, is folded up in one spot."Maybe not for one photo, but there are 20 pictures just like this one that I just downloaded. Perhaps he was too distracted by my butt to notice. Or the spot of Elmer's glue on my tights that I used to fix the snag in them. Who knows.

As always, Penny wanted in on the photo shoot action. Really I was just standing close to the door and she thought I would take her out. Doesn't she know it's Halloween and I can't take her outside, lest she bite one of the children I work with. 

Please excuse my hair. I am no stranger to blogging pictures of me with my hair looking a mess. Right? Right?

Happy Halloween!


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