Thursday, November 1, 2012

Table Runner

Our friends recently bought a new house, and were nice enough to invite us down for the weekend. I always feel like we should get people something when we go to their house, and the crafter in me always wants to make someone. But then I realize I've never been to the people's house before and don't know what it looks like, color schemes, what they need, etc. so, we always show up empty handed looking like a pack of jerks. Anyways, after we spent the night I was inspired by the colors of the guest bedroom, and say that the dresser in the guest bedroom was bare on top. On the way home I convinced Charlie to stop in Concord. He bought pizza at the place located conveniently next door to Joann's and I bought a bunch of fat quarters in yellow and red. This is what I ended up making. 

I have wanted to make a log cabin quilt for quite a while and figured a table runner was a good start. It's a really fun block to make. Here is a tutorial if you want to try it out.

For the middle I wanted a focal point so I made a Sawtooth Star block. If you don't know how here is another tutorial. It is not the way I made mine, but had I known the was an easier way (flying geese block) to do it I probably would have. Serves me right for just winging it. I totally made up the sizes of all the pieces and just got lucky when they all fit correctly. Darn you Mathematical Anxiety! I have this, I just diagnosed myself with it today. Thanks Web M.D.

The best part of this table runner, in my humble opinion, is the quilting. I used my machine, and my walking foot (best thing ever). I couldn't decide on red, yellow, or white thread. I was telling my Mom about it and she suggested gold. Gold! Yes. It worked great. Who doesn't love some shimmer? The log cabin blocks are just outlined in squares that I just kept making bigger and bigger. I had fun with the sawtooth block. It looks a big Egyptian to me.

That's the back side. I didn't want to pick one color to use for the back so I used all of the left over fabric from the front to make a scrappy back. Now it can be used on either side. Due to my non-measuring it's a bit wonky. Who doesn't love wonky homemade things though? AmIright?

On another note, Charlie inherited this buffet, long table thing. Now we have somewhere to store our endless supply of terribly stained cloth napkins and another huge item of furniture to carry down 18 stairs when we move out. Excited Dad?

When I took these pictures yesterday before I sent the table runner Charlie commented that I should make one for our new table thing. The work never ends! Also, before you go thinking I've spoiled the surprise for our friends, they already said they got it. Even though I sent it yesterday at 4:15 PM. Way to go U.S. Postal Service. Way to go.


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