Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snaps from the Long Weekend

This weekend we both had a three day weekend. That allowed me time to go to my Dad's house and catch up on my junk TV watching (hello HGTV marathon.) It also allowed us time to go on a hike. Bald Mountain to be exact. It's small but lovely. The weather was fantastic so we hiked in tee shirts. 

I have a theory that there are really six seasons. Here goes, 1. Winter, 2. Mud 3. Spring 4. Summer. 5. Fall 6. Bleck then back to winter again. We are in season Bleck.  Even though the weather was gorgeous the view was kind of bleck because there is no color. I just wish it would snow already and be pretty again.

The only bad part of our hike was when Penny decided to roll in poop and fish guts. We drove home with all the windows open and our shirts wrapped around our faces.

Talk about style. This could be the new thing. Highly effective for blocking bad smells.

Penny sat in the back wearing her safety vest and being embarrassed that she made such poor life decisions. It's a good thing she has us to guide her.

Okay, that's all.


p.s. Is it Thanksgiving yet? I'm so excited.

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