Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Fail: Blind Hem Edition

This post is brought to you thanks to Pinterest. Browsing the other day I found this tutorial for a Blind Hem from No Big Dill. I "pinned" it and then didn't think about it until this weekend when I decided  a good use of my time would be to not shower all day and sit around in my stinky running clothes sewing a skirt. Once the time came to do the hem I remembered my pin from earlier. I also remembered that I spent too much quite a bit of money on a fancy sewing machine with fancy feet. One of which happened to be a blind hem foot. There's where the trouble began. Oy!

Here is my failed attempt. I'd say every 5th stitch held, the others, not so much:

In case you're confused the straight stitch doesn't show on the outside of the skirt and only the little peak of the "v" is supposed to poke through the fabric to hold the hem. As you can see my "v"'s did not hold.

If nothing else the attempt was not wasted as it proved to be a good hold for when I had to re-do the hem by hand and make it invisible. Without Pinterest I would have never known about this technique and I wouldn't know how much I stink at it. Better luck next time (in 5 years) right?

What have you failed royally at lately?


P.S. Happy Election Day.

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