Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Skirt; Just in Time for Fall

I started sewing this skirt last winter. It's the Simplicity 2226 pattern that I used last year to make this skirt. I loved it so much, and got tons of compliments  so I figured I'd make another.  The fabric is eons old, I've had it sitting around for quite a while and always wanted to use it for a skirt.

I asked my Mom to help me with part of it because I am terrible at the gathered look thing. She fixed my errors back in June. Then it got packed away for a while. Over the rainy long weekend I pulled it out, sewed the invisible zipper into it approximately 4 times until it really was invisible. Then begged Charlie to help me hem it. He measured it with a ski pole for me because we don't own a yard stick. Doesn't he look super pumped to be helping me? He's so excited that he's backwards flipping me off.

Anyways, he pinned it, then I sewed it. I tried to get all fancy with a double needle. It did not go as planned. I ripped out all of the stitching, expecting to be able to just re-do the hem. Not so much. The fabric had two lines where the first hem had been so it needed to be shortened to hide the two lines.

You can see that the double needle effect worked splendidly on the pockets. I had hoped to carry over the accent but sewing the entire hem was too much for the double needle to withstand. Bummer. I'll keep practicing.

I am quite proud of the pockets. I also recently bought the cardigan. I've been trying to branch out in terms of colors I wear. Heavens a gal can only have so many purple cardigans after all. Amiright? 

I even sewed a "Made By Lauren" tag into this garment. How snazzy am I? I need to make more of these but I've been putting it off because the Mac Crash of 2012 deleted my file with the document I used to make the tags. I'm going to need tons for all of the holiday sewing I have planned! 

Besides the tag I also added some aqua blue fabric to the lining. It goes against the Fall feel of the skirt, but I can't be expected to branch out that much at once.  
Look at me, wearing heels to work! And I got my hair cut!

All and all it's not as interesting as the first one I made, but I like it. It loosened up as I wore it today and got more flowy, this morning, when the pictures were taken, it was kind of stiff and prone to wrinkle. I did get some compliments at work today. One of my co-workers even said she recognized the skirt, then I got scared that she was stalking me and looking in my windows. Really she meant she recognized the pattern from the other one I made. Oh, thank goodness. I couldn't deal with being stalked.

Off to work on another Fall skirt. 


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  1. Wow Lauren that is an awesome skirt!! You've got skills! Your skirt and yellow cardigan (love cardis too!) is a happy combination :)


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