Sunday, October 21, 2012

On My Night Stand

A few people have asked me about this little blue book I bring on overnight trips, and keep on my night stand. One friend chuckled; "Is that your diary Lauren?" Well, yes it is, with a spin. It's a "One Line A Day" book. Charlie bought it for me as a wedding gift. 

Each page has a date and five sections to fill in. You write in "one line" for the day then write on the next page the following day. I keep it on the night stand so I can do it right before bed. It's nice to process what was most important to you that day. The fun part comes when it's been a year that you've been writing it the book.  Then you write one line down and can see what you were doing the year before.  Since we've only been married for one April, only the top line is written in. In the bottom picture one our anniversary I started writing on the second line. Actually, when Charlie gave it to me he had written in the July 16th spot, so when we were out West this summer during our anniversary I asked him to write again. It's the only day in the whole book that I didn't write. I've only missed a few days as well. A period of 2 or 3 days last September when I had the flu or some terrible something.

Aside from those, I have been pretty good about packing it for trips and writing in it at night. I think it will be fun to look back on as I write more. It's interesting to see what has changed, or not changed in a year. I like it because I am the worlds most sentimental person. You can find them on Amazon. They also make a "Mom's" edition, which I bought from my friend Liz who is expecting a baby soon.

And because Penny will pitch a fit if she's not included in a blog post every now and again; here she is. *swoon over cuteness*


P.S. Also on my night stand is a book I've been reading since August. Got any recommendations for a page turner? And don't say "Fifty Shades of Grey". K thank!

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  1. Oh I love this! I have always been into journaling but after awhile lose my rhythm. I like the idea of just writing a couple of sentences of what was most important for the day and/or your relationship. I'll have to remember this when my boyfriend and I take the next step.


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