Friday, October 12, 2012


One of the (only) good things about going back to work after the summer off is getting back into a routine. For a while this summer I had no idea what day it was, our house was a disaster, we were never home, and poor Penny feared we were sending her away every time we packed the car.

Now that school has started again Charlie and I have fallen into a good routine. I've even been cooking dinner! Can you believe it? Some of my meals are not pretty, but still edible.

The biggest key to my success is to limit my online time. I found that I was spending way too much time surfing the web, and watching endless episodes of shows on Netflix and doing nothing else.

Here are some things that have been helping me get organized and be productive.
  • Make a list. Doh! I make 100 lists a day at work but never did it at home. I find that writing a list of the things you want to get done that week helps you stay focused. 
  • Daily Chores. I've seen this idea, in a prettier format, on Pinterest. My version is just written on scrap paper. Anyways, it doesn't seem as daunting to do one task a day, in comparison to feeling as though the entire apartment has to be scrubbed on one day over the weekend. When the chores are spread out it also makes the house less of a disaster. The laundry pile may be huge on Tuesday but at least the floors are clean. 

  • Just sewing. I had been waiting for the sewing bug to bite, and waiting, and waiting. I found however that if I just sit down and do it, it will come. 
  • Quitting facebook. So, I did this for almost 2 weeks. It was great. Except only 2 people read my blog, so I restarted my facebook, but had Charlie change the password. Hopefully I'll continue saving tons of time, but also have some readers to make the time I do spend blogging somewhat worth-wild. 

Do you have any successful secrets to getting things done? Finding inspiration? Or not wasting tons of time?


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  1. This week, I had 3 papers to do for school and I decided that I would do one per day and I didn't allow myself to sew unless I was done with my homework of the day. It worked !!

    I watch series while I sew so I don't "lose" time while looking at those and I'm still productive :)


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