Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painting Progress Continues

While I had all of our skis, tools, and other junk pulled out of the utility closet, and since our apartment smelled of paint anyways, I decided to tackle another painting project I'd been putting off. I bought a bench for our "entry way" with my first ever pay check. We keep our hats, gloves, ski stuff, and my multitude of scarves in it. I liked the wood look, for a while, but had always planned on painting it. Inspiration struck when I was getting supplies to finish the dresser and I bought a can of paint.

Here is the before and after. I like that the paint makes the details stand out more. Remember my "shutter shelf"? It's still going strong. I like how more coats got added to the hooks over the process of painting. The weather has been weird lately. 
 I love it.  More projects checked off of the list. I was thinking about making a cushion but we don't really ever sit on the bench.


P.S. it looks more purple in the photos than it really is. It's more blue I swear, at least that's what I've been telling Charlie.

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