Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May

The first week of Me Made May was a success. Let's hope I can keep the momentum rolling.

Here is the run down
Monday: Ruby Top.
Tuesday: Tova Top. (Wow my hair was short.)
Wednesday: Wishful Thinking Spring Dress.
Thursday: Lorelei Skirt. 
Friday: Josephine Top.

Most Commented On: Spring Dress.
Most Wrinkled and I Didn't Care: Tova Top.
Most Fun To Wear: Lorelei Dress.
My Favorite: Josephine Top. I wear it all the time.
Most Used Pose: Arm On Hips. Obviously.
Best Photo Taking Tool: My snazzy shutter remote. Charlie never has to take my picture again.
Most Unhelpful Photo Assistants: Blaze and Penny.

On to week 2! After a good nights sleep that is.



  1. hey lauren, i wasn't sure if you saw that you won the fat quarter pack on my blog last week. send me an email with your address and i will get it sent to you :)

  2. wow great job! i have a sewing machine that i received as a bday gift and I really need to learn how to use it!

    Loving the fabrics you chose for the Ruby top - super cute.


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