Friday, May 30, 2014

Me Made May Week 4

Skirts and lots of em! Monday was a holiday so I spend the day wearing dirty clothes and painting. I decided you probably didn't want to see a picture of that.

Tuesday: Flirting The Issue Skirt 2.
Wednesday: Flowery Skirt.
Thursday: Jean Skirt.
Friday: 2010 Shirt. What?!? 2010. I'm actually wearing two Me Made items. Long story short I did not have time to wash my hair this morning because the dogs ran away so I spent the morning searching for them, and not having good looking hair. A headband was needed to contain the mess.

Most Used Pose: Hand on hip to make my arm look skinny. Signature pose of 20 somethings everywhere. Too bad all my skirts can't show off my thigh gap. Ha!
Asleep Picture: Thursday. My least favorite day.
Most Worn Shoes: Boots! What the heck May! Get your act together.
Best Hair Day: Thursday. A teacher I work with always has really nice hair-do's and I tried to copy her.
Worst Hair Day: Friday! But it's Friday so I don't care.
Thanks Goodness For: Dry Shampoo.

Things I Learned:
- I make the same patterns several times. If I like a pattern, and it's easy, I'll make several versions.
- I do not sew pants. This has motivated me to (kind of) want to try. I might sew some shorts this summer. It got to be a pain wearing skirts, dresses, and the occasional shirts.
- I wear a lot of cardigans. I knew that, but it's very obvious. I took most of them off for the pictures, so you're not even seeing half of it.
- My idea of "jazzing" up an outfit it to wear a necklace. I wore the same jewelry everyday in May with the exception of days when I wore the jazzy necklace, and today when I wore a bracelet because my watch battery died and my wrist felt naked. I had no time to wash my hair but had time to put on a bracelet. #priorities.

Hopefully next May I'll have some pants to wear. Some people wear ALL handmade items. I don't think I'll be that nutty by next May.


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