Saturday, May 24, 2014

Me Made May Week 3

Week Three already? The most annoying thing about this process is definitely the documentation. Charlie laughs at me when I pull out the camera, tripod, and shutter remote every morning. I think he'd just happy he doesn't have to take my picture everyday.

Monday: Beignet Skirt. Quite pleased that I got to wear this again before the end of the school year.
Tuesday: Summer Tank.
Wednesday: Washi Dress, my first one.
Thursday: Summer Top 3.
Friday: Jersey Shirt.

Superlatives (someone I know once used to say "super-latives" not "se-purl-itive" and I laugh whenever I say it that way.)

Best Styled: Beignet skirt. On Monday I can say I actually tried...I even wore a necklace.
Should Have Ironed: Summer Top 3. "It's Thursday I Don't Care To Iron" (sung to "Friday I'm In Love" tune.)
Favorite: Washi Dress. I love that patten.
Most Comfortable: Jersey Shirt.
Most Worn: Summer Tank. It looks good under a cardigan so I wore it all winter.
Best Hair Day: Thursday, you can't tell though.

Only one more week. Then I think I am going to start "Dress-A-Day" until the end of the school year. Only dresses for the rest of the year.

Have a good long weekend!


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