Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jersey Shirt

No, not Jersey Shore, a jersey shirt. I used Simplicity 3692 for the pattern. It's a Built By Wendy pattern, and I love anything Built by Wendy. It's specifically for knits/jersey fabric. This fabric was bought from the red tag (sale) bin at Joann's several months ago. 

 It turned out pretty big. This goes back to my issues with patterns and how I always cut out a size 8 when I should be cutting a 6 or 4. At least I am not cutting out patterns as a size 12 anymore.
If only I could walk around all day with my hands in the back pulling the
excess fabric to the back to make me look slimmer.
 My proudest moment came when I was cutting it out and had the insight to cut the main parts with the dots going horizontal, and the neck pieces going vertical. Thinking ahead really does pay off. I did recently read a scientific study however that says that horizontal stripes make you look fatter. It's science! I can't debate it! Drats, should have read that first!
Science smience, headless me looks good!
 Does the belt make the shirt look better/ me skinner?
Signature slimming moves, turn sideways and put your hands on your hips. 
Even I am not sure? 
 Perhaps it was my drab choice of pants? Does it look better with this skirt?
Please excuse the wrinkles. 
The sleeves turned out to be rather large as well. I feel kind of like I have Oprah arms. That's a real saying apparently. Guess I didn't make it up. 
Excuse the face, oy.
Whenever I think of Oprah I can't help but yell: "You're getting a Caaaaaaaaaar!"
And the audience goes wild!
I think it would have looked better as a dress, which is an option of the pattern, but was not an option for me. I did not have enough fabric to make it a dress, this is all I had left.
Merely scraps. Blurry scraps at that.  
On the plus side the shirt is super comfortable if not super fashionable. It also gave me the opportunity to use my serger. I was super pumped when I did not screw anything up. Woot! I will use the pattern again to make a dress probably.

I think I might wear it on Friday to work with a nice pair of jeans. Friday is causal day, and also will be the end of my pink/red clothes wearing phase in honor of Valentine's Day.


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  1. I like it with the gray pants (picture 1 and headless one), I don't think it looks too big, it looks comfy, i think it's a perfect Friday casual outfit, or paired with some yoga pants for lazy Sat/Sundays


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