Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo A Day: February Week 2 Recap

4. Hope: Charlie and I don't have channels on our TV so we have to watch everything the day after it airs. This includes Downton Abbey, my favorite show ever. While perusing the internet on Monday I found Downton Abbey Bingo. For the prompt I said I hope I would win. It was pretty fun. I cannot watch a TV show without doing some sort of activity (cross stitch, embroider, knit, hand sew, blog) so this kept me busy. I also paid way more attention than I usually do. I did end up winning. The board is pretty general, so I think we'll use it for the upcoming episode as well.

5. Something You Smelled: I accidentally spent $15 at the new dollar store on candy. More on that later. Let's just say smelling this candy and not eating it was torture.

6. Soft: Penny is the epitome of soft. Her ears especially. When I come home from work on days that she's not at Doggy Day Camp she is almost always sleeping on our bed. In the morning when I leave she's usually on the bed too. It makes leaving a soft dog and a soft bed very difficult.

7. Your Name: Using some stamps. I have a bunch of "L" stamps, this one is my favorite for using to label packages with my return address. Just need a "T" one now.

8. Something Orange: We had a snow day this day and the only color we saw for most of the day was white. I did make pumpkin muffins for breakfast, and Charlie had OJ, so I counted that, and then we went skiing and saw nothing by white all day.

9: Guilty Pleasure: I've mentioned it before, but my guilty pleasure is to watch Gossip Girl. On Saturday I watched the last 4 episodes of the series. Now I need to find another mindless show to watch while I sew or cross stitch.

10: 3 O'Clock: I ran errands and went for a long snowshoe walk today with Penny and tried my hardest to put off my 6 mile run. At 3:30 I finally just accepted that I needed to do it and I did. I am loving that it looks like winter out and that we had a snow day, but I am not loving that my average mile was 11 minutes due to all of the snow and ice on the roads. Oh well. Got it done, didn't die. That's all that really matters. Running home into the sunsetting over the white sparkly hills was not too bad either I suppose.

This week I did kind of a crappy job at the challenges. I promise to try harder to be more creative next week.



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