Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo A Day: February

1. Fork: I convinced Charlie to come with me to UNH for a diving meet. My brother met us there and then we went out to eat with our friends Cait and Brian. We went to one of my most favorite restaurants   from when I was in grad school. La Festa. Delicious pizza. I could never be a food blogger because 1. I hate cooking and 2. I always eat my food before I remember to take a picture. Once everyone had finished their meal I remembered the prompt. Oops. In the picture if you look closely you can see that there is in fact a fork leaning on an empty beer glass in the middle of the table.

2. Pattern: I finally got the right color thread to finish my cross stitch. We went to a deliberative session meeting on Saturday. I knew it would be boring, just the name sounds boring, so I brought my cross stitch to work on. It turned out to be slightly boring, slightly funny, and slightly irritating. I was very glad I had something to keep my hands busy otherwise I would have gone crazy. I did stand up to say something, if I hadn't had this to work on who knows how many times I would have gone to the mic. Cross stitch patterns kind of make me want to gouge my eyes out. Once you're working on one it's not that bad, but I am sure most of you are thinking "How on earth does she make sense of that?!?!" Truth is, most of the time I just fudge it.

3. Something Beginning with "E": Express lift. Charlie and I went skiing Sunday. I took a few pictures for this prompt. One of the "Easy way" trail sign , and one of my favorite trail "Exhibition". I figured this one was best though because I am trying to work on taking more pictures of people. Charlie says I am a good skiing partner now because I am not slow anymore.

This was a short week for the photos. At the end of this week I am hoping to have an iphone. Hurray.


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  1. I had a very strong feeling that was LaFesta! yums! And woo woo for the IPhone!


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