Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Snowshoeing Adventure

Penny and I went searching for a new place to walk/snowshoe today. We figured this was NOT a safe place to park: 

We thought that this WAS a safe place to park, so we set out for a snowshoe adventure. 

It was beautiful. I am so happy that the days are getting longer and that the temperatures are not quite a frigid. I'm also happy that there is still quite a bit of snow to snowshoe in, and not just mud everywhere. Here are some things I saw: 

A very random wood pile in the middle of the woods. 

A tiny bird nest. Look how the bird used pieces of birch bark for the nest. 

A pop of color even in the middle of winter. 

A mitten stealing bush. 

An old barn. Right after taking this picture I was thinking about how if I were with my Mom she would convince me to go inside and snoop around. Right then she called me. She must have known I was thinking about her. I did not have the guts to go inside by myself. I'm a wimp. 

A creepy underground bunker or garage of sorts. I definitely was not going in there alone. 

A bathtub, maybe? Not exactly sure what this is for. Bathing? Collecting sap? Sledding? 

The barn was wide open I suppose I could have gone in. 

A beautiful sunset on a gorgeous day. 

Here's hoping you've had a wonderful day as well!


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  1. The bathtub thing is for feeding or watering livestock(former farm girl here LOL). SO funny that your mom called right when you were thinking of her! Looks like a beautiful snowshoe trek. Love the snow covered logs and the red seed pods!


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