Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Skiing

Charlie and I went skiing today and it was great. We thought it would be busy due to the Massachusetts kids being on vacation this week. In order to beat the rush we left early (9 am). Then we got there and there was hardly anyone around. It was great. The weather was pretty nice, it wasn't sunny but it was not windy or too cold. We did tons of runs and hardly waited at all in lift lines. 

Then when we got home we took Penny for a walk. I wanted to take a family picture. This was the best one we got. The others are of Penny licking Charlie's face. 

Now I am working on a sewing project and listening to the best station on Pandora; The Lumineers with Guster and Bob Dylan added for variety. Did you know about the add variety button? 

Hope you had a good Saturday!


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