Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bonsai Bag Part 2

Whenever I go on vacation I have the urge to make a new purse before we leave. I've been wanting to make another Bonsai Bag since my last one got so much use, but it a bit too faded to use anymore. While browsing Joann's I found a pretty purple corduroy and then panel fabric popped out at me, and I found matching piping. You might recognize the piping. Serendipitous fabric purchase. There was also no line at the cutting counter and I was out of the store before Charlie fell asleep in the car. Perfect. 

I forgot how big this purse is. It hold a whole lot of my crap. Or could, I'm trying to be better about the amount of stuff I carry around in there. 

Like my new twill tags? It's a lot easier to sew them in on the side seams. A lot of my purses and clothes have blank pieces of twill tape because the iron on transfer has peeled off. Hopefully having the tag on the side will reduce that.

I decided to opt for the zippered closure instead of the magnetic closure. Since we'll have our passports on this trip I wouldn't want to accidentally lose them! I figured a zipper would keep them more secure. 

The purse is ready for vacation, and I have 4 pairs of long johns packed. 

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