Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge Week 5

18. Something You Don't Like: I was working on my purse and the corduroy kept flaking into little bits and getting everywhere. All over my white sweater and the floor. Now there are bits in the sheets since I sew in my PJ's sometimes. Small price to pay I suppose.

19. I am... finishing a long lost project. It's sometimes kind of nice to find a project that is nearly done and be able to finish it so quickly. I really just needed the size 6 needles for a different project so I forced myself to finish this project.

20. Where you stood: I sometimes wait all day to take a picture thinking something big will happen or something super interesting. Then nothing big, interesting, or out of the ordinary happens and I just resort to taking a picture of Penny because she is so so cute. Her big brown eyes do me in every time. The other day Charlie and I did tons of online stalking trying to piece together more of her back story. We have some pretty good guesses, and some sad realizations. We are so happy to have her though, sad things aside. She makes me smile everyday and is the sweetest little pup. I hope someday soon we'll have a place to live where she can play outside more often and hopefully have a brother or sister pup to play with.

21: Full: My suitcase is full. We did tons of laundry and packed up 3 pairs of long johns, tons of socks, sweatpants, a bathing suit, ski boots, and of course my fan. I cannot sleep without a fan inches from my face. Charlie hates this but I insist I am not the only person ever who does this. Please, if you do this as well let me know. We are at Mount Tremblant skiing with my in-laws. Try not to be jealous. Big difference from last years trip.

22. Make You Smile: Well it was the beginning of vacation so I can't complain about that. We drove to my Dad and Step-Mom's house for the night. Penny will be staying with them and their two dogs, who I call "Aunt Shawnee" and "Uncle Duke", while we are on our trip. She hasn't had much interaction with dogs since her injury so she was very excited to see Shawnee and Duke and play. The four human went out to eat, and I took this when we got home because I always seem to forget about the photo a day until it's bed time. It looks like I already am asleep in this picture anyways.

23. A Word: Since it snowed in Southern NH yesterday and today we decided we should drive halfway to Canada on Saturday and then the rest of the way today. So we stopped in Burlington, VT for the night. Charlie's uncle Hammond lives in Burlington so he took the four of us out around the downtown. I've only been to Burlington twice, once in 2007 for a diving meet, and in 2003 on a college tour. Anyways, we went to a German restaurant and enjoyed the food and beer. (I love a good Hefferveisen). I liked that a lot of the signs were in German, including this "reserved" sign.

Now we're off to Canada! I'll try to post, but I make no guarantees. I might be having too much fun skiing!


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