Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo A Day: Make Up

Hello! I am back from vacation and survived my first day back at work. Since I missed the last few photo a day days I am going to post pictures from my trip that I took on that day. I must admit that some are a stretch because I forgot what a particular days theme was, or I thought Monday was Tuesday. I am only going to post pictures from the correct day however. In a few cases I just went through my pictures from one day and picked the one that fits best. Here goes.

Saturday, Day 25, Green:

On Saturday we flew to Antigua. This is not Antigua, but another tropical island in the Caribbean, I'm not sure which one. It was so nice to see green leaves, grass, etc instead of brown, which is what NH looked like prior to leaving.

Sunday, Day 26, Night:

 The view of sunset from our resort. Doesn't need much more explanation than that.

Monday, Day 27, Something You Ate:

On Monday we woke up and decided that since we had had spent the entire day on Sunday at the beach we should try to find something else to do. Prior to eating breakfast we decided to just go to the travel desk and see is there was anyway we could get a trip around the island or something along those lines to do for the day. It was about 8 am, the woman called a company that does tours around the island and found that a driver was on his way to the resort at the very moment to pick up a couple who were staying there and do a tour. She told us we had about 20 minutes to get ready before the driver arrived. We got our hustle on to say the least. We ran to the breakfast area, grabbed some muffins, bread and a box of cereal, quickly went back to the room to change into our suit, and made it to the waiting driver and a British couple with no time to spare. I snapped this photo of my breakfast in the back of the vehicle as we sped off to see the sights.

Tuesday, Day 28, Money:

This one is kind of a stretch. To be honest I forgot the theme of the day and didn't figure it out until Wednesday morning. On this day we boarded a Catamaran that picked us up on the beach of the resort and was going to take us around the whole island. Unfortunately the seas on the Atlantic side of the island were too rough and we had to turn around. If the seas were calmer it would have been great, the captain tested out the waters for about 5 minutes and the thrashing and up and down of the waves was enough for me, I think I, as well as most of the people on board would have upchucked if we had gone much further. Looking through my pictures of the day this one seemed to say "money" most to me. Maybe there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Wednesday, Day 29, Something You're Listening To:

Waves crashing on the beach. Wednesday was a relatively quite day. We were still tired from the tour and Catamaran ride so we just hung out by the pool and on the beach all day. We had heard through the grapevine that there was going to be a wedding on the beach, so we walked down the beach, found chairs, and pretended to look like we weren't waiting for the wedding to start. I got bored of waiting so I walked down to the jetty where I snapped this picture, as well as a few others of the tiny shells here, all while thinking "Who gets married on a leap year?"

I have tons more pictures from the trip, I'll upload them onto facebook and maybe my flickr page, even though I don't think anyone ever looks at them there. It was a fantastic trip.


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