Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vacation Purse(s)

Going on vacation always equates to making a new purse, at least in my eyes. I've loved the "Go Anywhere Bag" since the pattern came out. Seeing tons of other people's renditions of the bag on Pinterest pushed me even more towards buying it. It was totally worth the seven dollars, and made a great vacation bag. So good in fact that I made two. This is the first one. 

 I did something I never do, followed all of the directions to a T. I used navy blue linen, white piping, and Denyse Schmidt fabric for the body. *side note* Joann's has been selling the Denyse Schmidt line for over a year and yet it seems that whenever I go into one and ask about the line everyone who works there says "we don't carry that fabric." Then I make it my mission to hunt it down, I am always tempted to say; "Yes you do have it!"but I never have the guts.

This bag can seriously go anywhere, because it fits everything. There are four pockets on the outside of the bag and a huge interior. I can even fit my lunch box inside.

After using the purse for a few weeks I decided I needed a smaller purse. I have this issue where if I give myself an alloted amount of space, no matter how large or small, I will fill it. I liked the pattern a lot though so I just shrunk the pattern pieces to 93%, and came up with purse number two.

Besides the sizing the other change I made was to add a zippered inside pocket instead of a regular pocket. I kept my passport safe inside the zippered pocket on our trip, when it wasn't in the safe in our room that is.

The outside pockets are perfect for holding and separating my sunglasses, cell phone, water bottle, book, sunscreen, camera, and other vacation necessities. I brought both purses on our trip, my Mum used the larger and I used this one. We laughed while we were there because I put the room key in the same pocket everyday and could always find it quickly, and she could never remember which pocket she put hers in.

 For this one I used a pair of work pants that I accidentally ruined with salad dressing. The thick pant material adds quite a bit of strength to the bag. The upper fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line. I liked the piping detail so much on the first bag that I used it again on this one. The inside fabric is the same color red as the piping.

Both purses were well used on our vacation. In fact I noticed today that I had sand stuck to my cell phone from being inside one of the pockets.

I really love both of these bags and would recommend the pattern to anyone. I seem to be on a Noodlehead kick lately, and seeing her new "Envelope Clutch" pattern may just continue that kick. Off to contemplate fabric choices, and watch Downton Abbey on Hulu.


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  1. Such a nice purse are show in the picture.It look so beautiful.It really colourful stylist bag.It really difernet look.


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